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March 4, 2011

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10 pm Wednesday night


August 24, 2010

The Moral Of The Story Is??

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Have you ever eaten lunch in the school cafeteria? Then you already know how crazy and silly it can sometimes be.
Today was one of those days.

I’m not sure if it’s because it was hot today, or if it’s because boys will always be boys.

We had hotdogs for lunch today. And boys with hotdogs in their hands, anything can, and usually does happen!
I’m gay, ok? My friends know I’m gay.
Here’s what happened.

It started out innocently enough.
I noticed some of the boys decided to sit with me at my lunch table.
Usually, it’s me, Mario, Rike and Lance when he was in school sitting at my table.
But today was hotdog day! Hot dogs + boys = weird fun!
First is Felipe. He sat down right across from me. He took his hot dog out of the bun and he began licking on it. Teasing it, (and me) licking on it from the tip all the way down to the other end. And then when the other guys saw Felipe licking on his weenie, they all had to do it! I was surrounded by hot guys licking on their hot dogs inches from my face! I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or run away! Well, I decided to play along with them. I took my hot dog out of the bun and I squished the bun to look like a booty hole. I took my hot dog and shoved it deep into the booty hole bun! You should have seen the looks on the faces of those guys! Priceless!
I think all this licking on the weenies and was getting some of the guys aroused, because I noticed some of the guys hands disappearing under the table, while squirming in their seats and adjusting their boxers. LOL

Andy @ the Movies

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A boy in the 7th grade, Chatree (Charlie Trairat), is sent to a boarding school by his father who wants to train him with more discipline, and for him to spend less time in front of the television. Sadly and angrily, Chatree accuses his father of wanting to get rid of him because he knows his father’s secret adultery. Like many boys at the boarding school, Chatree begins his new life with ghost tales, being bullied by friends, and the thrilling sound of dogs howling. In his encounter with loneliness, Chatree meets a new friend, Vichien, without noticing that Vichien never talks to others except him. What is his friend’s identity and what is he hiding? Watch the trailer:
The preview is in Thai. The movie itself has English subtitles.

Watch the full movie: CLICK HERE

24 hours

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Yesterday I went to visit Jamie. He’s no longer on the streets. His mother called me yesterday morning and asked me if I’d be willing to go see Jamie? I asked her what’s going on? She explained to me what happened. I said I’m not sure how to get where he’s at. I have my driver’s license but no car. I knew my dad wasn’t going to let me take his car all the way out there to visit Jamie. But I agreed to go visit Jamie, and I’m glad I did. I had no idea how to get there, but God helped me. I caught the bus that stops near my house. I got downtown at about 10:30 Sunday morning. I got off the bus and walked around the corner and I saw another bus pulling out from the bus stop. I waved my hand motioning him to please stop. The driver stopped and opened up the bus doors. When I got inside the bus I noticed I was the only person on the bus. I thought that’s weird. I was wondering, where is everybody? Here’s the part that’s strange. I’ve never been on that bus before. I’ve never seen the bus driver before. But the bus driver knew me! I asked him how does he know me? He said he’s seen me around. I then asked him if he’s going to the town that I needed to go to? He said yes he is. I was stunned! I had no idea where I was going when I was downtown. I had no idea where to catch the bus that would take me where I needed to go to visit Jamie, but Gods timing was perfect! I got off one bus, walked around the corner and there was the bus pulling away from the curb that I needed to catch. The Bible says that sometimes we’re in the company of angels and we don’t even know it. I think I was in the company of angels yesterday. How the bus driver knew me, and knew where I needed to go is a mystery to me.

About 45 minutes later I got to the place where Jamie is being housed. There is a hamburger stand nearby and I bought a hot cheeseburger with a Sprite to give to Jamie.

After I bought the cheeseburger, I walked back to where Jamie is at, and I went inside the office and I asked the guy sitting behind the desk if I could please visit Jamie? He said sure David, go on in. I looked at the guy behind the desk and I wondered how does he know me?? Why do all these people know me? I don’t know them. (Hebrews 13-2)

It was cool seeing Jamie again. When he saw me walk into the visiting area he jumped up and he ran over to me and gave me a tight hug. What a difference from a month ago when he was on the roof on my dad’s house, high on drugs and acting all stupid.

I handed him the cheeseburger and Sprite and I sat down with him. He was really happy to see me. I called his mom on my cell phone and told her that I’d made it and I’m here with Jamie right now. She asked me if she could talk to him? I handed the phone to Jamie and said it’s your mom. They talked for about 10 minutes. I found out that when Jamie leaves the place he’s now in, he’s not going back to his old neighborhood again. But instead he’s going to live with his aunt and uncle about 2000 miles from here. It’s better for him not to go back to his hood. It’s full of chollos and drugs and nothing but trouble for him. Jamie has a good heart. He’s very generous. And he’s a loving person. But he just got sucked into hanging around the wrong people, who got him high all the time and eventually addicted to drugs. My prayer for Jamie is that with Gods help he can break the chains of drug addiction that is strangling his life. We had a nice visit for about 2 hours. I finally had to say good bye. I explained that school is starting and I needed to get some last minute stuff. Paper, pens and junk like that. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he felt sad that he’s missing out on a very important part of his life. He has very little education, and without an education he has no future. He stood up and gave me another tight hug and we said our goodbyes. I promised Jamie I’d come visit him again. I turned and walked out of the visiting area and back onto the streets.

When I got back downtown, I got off the bus and went to buy and donut and milk. I saw this bike parked on the sidewalk. The owner of the bike is a Christian. He was talking about Jesus Christ to the kids who stopped to admire his bike.

That was yesterday. And now here’s today.

I got up about 6am this morning. I could tell it was going to be a hot day. The sun was already coming up over the mountains and there wasn’t a cloud in the morning sky. I jumped into the shower and said good morning to my little buddy. We shook hands for about 5 minutes. I got out of the shower and dried off just in time to hear my second hand brother banging on the bathroom door saying to open up he’s got to pee. I wrapped the towel around me and let him in. He was clutching his crotch so tightly I was sure he was strangling his future family. I went back to my room and finished getting dressed for school. Have you ever smelled freshly cooked bacon? OMG the scent was wafting up to my room and my taste buds began drooling. I hurried up and combed my hair and put my shoes on and ran downstairs just in time to see Miss Kitty jump onto the plate of bacon and run off with some of the bacon in her mouth. I quickly ran over to where what was left of the bacon, I rubbed my mouth and made it look like I was the one who ate the bacon. My step mom looked at me and said David, can’t you wait until everyone is at the table?? If my step mom had seen Miss Kitty stealing the bacon, she would instantly loose 8 of her 9 lives! I helped my step mom put 3 or 4 more slices of bacon into the frying pan and told her she makes the best bacon in the world! It worked! She smiled and said thanks David. Miss Kitty owes me!

Rike called me. He wanted to know how I was getting to school? I told him I was taking the bus. He said ok, he’d see me in school. I caught the bus and it was packed! Me along with about 20 other kids had to stand up all the way to school. I wanted to take a pic to show you, but it was so full I couldn’t get a good pic, only the back of someone’s head or the eye balls of the kid standing 2 inches from me. Now I remembered why I didn’t take the bus last year. We finally got to school and everyone piled off the bus like cattle being hurded into slaughter. Nobody knew where they were going or how to get where they were supposed to go. The bulletin boards had the class assignments with everybody’s name and which classes they are assigned to.
Kids were about 10 deep trying to read the class assignments. I finally saw Rike he was coming into the front gates of the school. He walked to school. After that bus ride, I think he had a smart idea!

He came over to me and I pointed towards the bulletin boards. I said there’s no way we can get in there! He looked at me and winked. I don’t know how he does it, but somehow he does. Fifteen seconds later he was right up in front of the bulletin boards with his pencil and paper in his hands. He wrote down his class assignments and then he copied mine down for me. What a friend I have in Rike!

One thing I noticed was the absence of Lance. Rike told me that Lance dropped out of school. I need to find Lance and talk with him.

August 23, 2010

Andy @ the Movies

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C.J. Bills unintentionally came out when defending a harrassed classmate. After that, he says, each day in high school became “eight hours of pure hell,” so he dropped out. (Photo courtesy of Out in the Silence )

You can watch the movie previews and/or watch the entire movie when you:

Does Masturbation Cause Pimples?

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My friend has recently discovered the joys of wanking. And along with his new found pleasurable pastime is the sudden appearance of the dreaded pimples. His face once as smooth as a babies butt, is now looking more like the snow covered alps landscape with juicy white pimples just begging to be popped. I not being a daily wanker have a face that’s smooth to the touch, radiantly free and clear of any signs of the teenage curse known as pimples.
But on the other hand (no pun intended) my friend has developed raw blisters on his hand from the rapid firing of his love gun. I’ve heard stories that eating pizza causes pimples. That eating chocolate causes pimples, that wanking causes pimples, that hair grows on the palm with frequent wankings, and last but not least wanking will cause me to need glasses by the time I’m 20 years old. All these anti-wanking warnings takes the joy out of wanking and leaves me with a limp feeling.

August 22, 2010

This woman makes over $25,000 USD a month selling her paintings on Ebay!

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I had to read this article twice to make sure I was reading it correctly!

She’s an Ebay millionaire making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling this stuff:

Not to be rude or anything, but people actually buy this stuff? Spending thousands of dollars for a painting that in my opinion a first grader could do?
Hey I think I’ve found the perfect way to make some money to fix my Macbook.
Where’s my paint brushes? I’ll just dip my paint brushes into a bucket of paint and make some swirls and curls and blocks of colored oooozz, and now where’s my first buyer??

If you want to read the full story and see more of her paintings, CLICK HERE

If I had money to spend on paintings here’s paintings I’d be interested in buying. This boys painting will surely increase in value overtime.

Art world goes mad for Britain’s ‘Mini Monet’: Boy aged eight makes £150,000 ($232,000 USD) in 30 minutes by selling his paintings.

His paintings fetch thousands and attract buyers from all over the world.

But while his watercolours, pastels and oil paintings hint at a talent honed through decades of practice, Kieron Williamson is barely halfway through primary school.

The eight-year-old prodigy sold his latest collection of paintings for £150,000 at the weekend, with all 33 works sold in just 30 minutes.

The astonishing sale attracted buyers from as far as Arizona, New York and South Africa, with others bidding by telephone from around the world in the hope of securing an original.

One couple from Philadelphia camped for two days outside the gallery in Kieron’s home town of Holt, Norfolk, to make sure they did not miss out when the third exhibition of his work opened on Friday morning.

Many of his paintings feature Norfolk landscapes or coastal scenes, but the latest exhibition also included views of City Temple in Holborn, Central London, and even a painting of Hong Kong.

Kieron said: ‘I normally paint in the morning and I am up at 6am and then after school – but with the school holidays at the moment, I am painting all the time.

‘I like landscapes as they’ve got the big Norfolk skies in them and not too many hills or mountains.’

He paints up to six paintings a week and 700 people have registered on a waiting list for an original.

Until two years ago, Kieron’s artistic talents stretched only to colouring in dinosaurs drawn for him by parents Keith, 44, and Michelle, 37.

But on a family holiday to Cornwall he was inspired by visits to harbours and ports and began producing ‘mind-blowing’ images of the boats in the water.

Gallery owner Adrian Hill said: ‘Kieron has probably become one of the most collectable artists currently exhibiting worldwide. He’s impressionist without being too abstract.

‘He is years in advance of where he should be.’

Kieron’s parents plan to buy him a house with his earnings and invest the rest for him until he is 25.


August 21, 2010

The Missionaries Were A No Show!

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Maybe they were too busy? Maybe it was too hot today and they didn’t feel like walking all the way to my house from their house. It’s a long ways to walk from their house to my house. Or maybe they already know I’m gay and they decided to stay away from me? Oh well, maybe some other day. In the meantime here’s a true story I’d like to share with you.

This happened a year ago when I was 16.

I was playing basketball in the park. Yeah, I already know I run like a girl, and I’m the one nobody picks to be on their team. But when I own the basketball I get to make the rules. And on my team are all the hot looking guys! LOL

I was swishing down the basketball court in my finest girly fashion, when I noticed a couple of Mormon Missionaries were watching us play. I invited them to play with us. One of the Missionaries took something out of his shirt pocket. It looked like a small notebook. He looked through it and he said their next appointment wasn’t until 4:30 and so they agreed to play bBall with us for about an hour. The cute one got to play on my team. I sat out and I watched him play. His white shirt soon became wet with hot sweat and I could see the outline of his ripped chest through his “magic undies”. I think watching him running down the court with his muscles gleaming from the sweat is when I first realized I wanted to be a Mormon. I figured there must be a whole lot more cute Mormon guys where he came from! I knew right then and there, I wanted to submerge myself in hot sweaty Mormon Men. After about 45 minutes of hard bodies playing, the Missionaries finally called it quits. By this time I was in love with the cute Missionary on my team. His smile was to die for and his ripped chest made my normally dormant loins begin to quiver. The 2 Missionaries walked over to the boys bathroom to wash up before going to their next appointment. I waited outside the bathroom while they cleaned up. A few minutes later one of the Missionaries came outside and he walked back to the basketball court. My Missionary was still inside the bathroom washing up. I walked into the bathroom and saw him standing next to the air dryer. He was bent over under the dryer drying his hair. I didn’t want to just stand there watching him, that would be way too obvious and so I went over to the urinals and I pretended I was taking a leak. Now comes the good part!

What I’m telling you here is true.

The Missionary came over to where I was standing with my little buddy in my hand. Have you ever had the feeling you can tell where somebody is looking at without you looking at them? I think my little buddy knew he was being lovingly adored and so he wanted to put his best “head” forward. My little buddy was loving the attention he was receiving from the cute as fook Mormon Missionary. It only took a few seconds for my little buddy to grow into a full sized perfect penis! I still didn’t have the courage to look directly at the Missionary who was now standing only inches away from me. But when I saw his hand reaching down towards my love zone, I knew I had to take some action and fast! I grab his wrist and I pushed him away from me. I then looked directly into his face and I told him, “I know what you want to do, and believe me I’d like for you to do it with me, but it would ruin your mission, and I don’t want to have that on my conscience.” With that, I pulled my boxers up and my male treasure was now hidden from his view. The Missionary was stunned, and embarrassed. I could see panic in his eyes when he stammered, “I’m sorry man, I don’t know what I was thinking . . . please don’t tell my partner what I was doing.” I assured him that I fully understand his feelings and when he finishes his Mission and if he still wants to get it on with me, to come back after his Mission and my virginity will be for waiting him. I promised him I wouldn’t say anything to his partner, and I haven’t told anybody else about my almost sexual encounter with a cute Mormon hunk.

Yes world, there really are GAY MORMONS!

I received an email asking to please see this pic of Rike again

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Back by popular demand! Rike in his raggedy ass jeans! 🙂

August 20, 2010

The Mormon Missionaries are coming to see me today

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I invited them to come teach me more about the LDS Mormon Church. I hope I’m not attracted to the Mormon church only because I like guys. Males play a big role in the church. I wonder what the LDS Missionaries will think about me when I tell them I’m gay??

David Archuleta is a Mormon. Here’s David singing in his Mormon church.

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