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August 13, 2010

For those who enjoy reading poetry, here’s 2 original poems from 15 year old Davie in Northern Ireland

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I’m sure Davie will appreciate reading your comments.

Davie- aged 15
Northern ireland

The lover’s Song

Knives cut through flesh with little ease
Causing pain but the moment is siezed
The killer hurts its victim and stabs into its heart
But it doesnt hurt like you tore mine apart

The sound of my screams echo in my head
Nothing i can do the victim is dead
I feel like dying no reason to stay
You played with me in that emotional way

I am the victim you laid me to rest
You are a killer and you caused this mess
You emotionally tormented me
I guess our love was never to be

My heart is in pieces which i have to collect
With friends and family i won’t connect
Just cant get you shifted out of my head
You hurt me and my heart bled

One last thing is to say goodbye
You were my one and only guy
I pick up my gun of my arm rest
And point it inwards towards my chest

I pull the trigger and take the shot
Sinking into my flesh, the bullet still hot
My head hits the floor as you slide through the door
My life is not wanted here anymore

With one final breath i tell you it wasnt your fault
You just drove my life to a sudden hault
You were the one and only love of my life
But you cut me apart with your heart shaped knife

I hear you tell me you loved me true
You loved me then and you still do
I cant do anything im already gone
But my life will always live on in a lovers song

I will always watch you on from above
We will be reunited someday my love
I’ll hear you sing right down below
In a song we could dance to lovely and slow

You’ll sing,
“boy you were mine and i wasnt kind
I tore you apart and drove you to part
But we’ll be together some day again
And we shall love each other just the same”
“La di la di la la la you’ll be mine again and i will love you just the same”


I sit here in sorrow as the world passes by My eyes fill with tears and i just have to cry
I am just a king on God’s board of chess Satins got him checked and my lifes a mess

Someone please help me, i am so alone Rotting away to just skin and bone
I need someone to give me their love
And watch on when they’re gone and up above

All feelings are gone and im dying inside
I don’t know weather to stand up or hide
I have feelings that no one should know But i gave them out in one last throw

Loved ones hands were made to hold Even if they’re hot, warm or bitterly cold They’re arms were made for hugging Stealing our love in an emotional mugging They’re hearts made for devotion, love and emotion
Love which we will treasure forever and ever

Constant abuse and constant hate
Can’t do anything, cant concentrate
All this stuff is all inside locked away
All i have left is to plea in pray

Im hating life wish it would end
All i need is the one special friend Someone to love and call my own
The world wouldnt be so bleak and i wouldnt feel alone

Loved ones hands were made to hold Even if they’re hot, warm or bitterly cold They’re arms were made for hugging Stealing our love in an emotional mugging They’re hearts made for devotion, love and emotion
Love which we will treasure forever and ever

Then i see his glance, i catch his eye
I away wipe my tears and he says hi Maybes hes who ive been waiting for
My heart is racing and i feel i could soar

Now i have someone to call my own
I am happy no longer alone
I love him hes a perfect guy
Im waving my sadness and sorrow goodbye

I now have a loved ones hand to hold
If its hot warm or bitterly cold
I use my arms to wrap around him constantly hugging
Stealing his love in an emotional mugging
My heart will give him devotion love and emotion
All of which he’ll treasure forever and ever

If you’d like to read more of Davie’s poems, he created a new blog.
Here’s the link to Davie’s blog: CLICK HERE



  1. Davie's poems are very powerful and raw. I see them as songs. Are you a musician, Davie, or do you know someone who could set them?I can see them meaning a lot to young people.

    Comment by BrianW — August 13, 2010 @ 9:31 am | Reply

  2. Whew! I'm glad he found someone at the end, I was getting a little worried for awhile. And nice poetry for a young guy; but young guys shouldn't despair for too long cos life can have some nice surprises around the corner. If you are feeling down, get out and find some activities; dwelling on loss just makes it worse. bfn – Wayne 🙂

    Comment by wayner — August 13, 2010 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  3. Very heartfelt poems that capture the absolute turmoil that love can create in your every breathing moment… I could feel the emotional torture of unrequited love… hoping against hope for that little glance from the guy that might just be the love of your life… he ignores you… then… that one little glance, and everything changes in a flash, and all is right with the world… ahhh… love. This kid has potential, David!! His poetry is his sword, cutting and slashing at the feelings that hold him prisoner. I love it!! Hopefully he keeps writing and sharing his feelings with us!! luv, tman<3

    Comment by tman — August 13, 2010 @ 2:48 pm | Reply

  4. Good work Davie! Keep on writing. When I was 14 and started to write poems, they weren't that good as yours, I can tell!I loved reading yours. When there is more, do you want to share those with us?

    Comment by Erick — August 13, 2010 @ 7:57 pm | Reply

  5. Thanks guys for your wonderful comments, i am not a musician although i have always wanted to learn an instrument (preferably guitar or piano). Today i decided to start my own blog dedicated to poetry because i'm sute you guys come on here to read about David, i know i do :D. He doesnt need me clogging up his page with poetry so and il try and get a new poem up every day! Thanks once again to everybody, im glad you understood what i was getting at 😀

    Comment by Davie_Magill — August 14, 2010 @ 3:00 pm | Reply

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