Gay Andy

April 12, 2010

Ask Andy – and he might answer you. lol

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I can’t figure out if this Formspring thing works or not. I receive your questions, but I’m not sure if you receive my answers back to you through Formspring. And so I’ll answer your questions right here, right now.

Does dick size matter for tops and bottoms
One size fits all

5 minutes ago

im a single gay man. call me anytime
1-6xx-7xx-3xxx………Dan (i deleted your digits and your last name for your privacy)
Hmmm thanks but no thanks. I already have enough gays in my life.
Hmmmmm unless you’re one of the “Jersey Shores” guys, then we can talk! LOL

8 hours ago

could it be that every minute you spend reading ‘stupid stuff’ is one less minute you spend thinking about your problems? bg
touche is that how you spell it? i think so.
14 hours ago

tell me this ….what makes you think you are are gay/ .mic
Hmmm i could be wrong but I don’t think a straight guy would have a blog called “gay Andy” – That’s sounds gay to me, or as some people say, “that’s so gay”

1 hour ago

keep safe take it slow
You sound just like my dad when I’m learning to drive.

2 hours ago

Andy, Just to confirm I sent you the cite about porn, sexual orientation of teenagers. I didn’t receive a reply, via email but have just now seen you thanks on your blog.
You’re welcome.

2 hours ago

do u love rike? does he feel the same?
Someone famous once said it’s better to give than to receive. I give Rike my love, and I don’t feel like I’m receiving love in return.

11 minutes ago

Hi Andy don’t know where you are but I grew up being bi in a straight world which was hard for me sometimes.As your blog is for teens you might enjoy our blogs or good luck!
I read your blogs. I like what I saw and I’ll be coming back for more. 🙂

3 hours ago

oooops!! in commenting about the phony e-mail, you might get the impression that I don’t appreciate your intelligence. I do. dmc
I just wish my teachers @ school felt the same way as you do! lol

4 hours ago

past life and karma made me gay and until I was 25 I’ve thinked there was a mistake in all my life.Sometimes I ask it to me again but I’ve seen enough to tell you that you don’t have to be afraid to be in every way you are and don’t care about folk

I’m sort of confused by what ur saying. You were gay until you were 25? And then what happened? Oh no i just read it again.
I think ur saying until you were 25 you thought there was a mistake in your life. And then what happened? Ok I’m totally confused now. I give up! lol

5 hours ago

what about Lance?
Lance? Hmmmm I’ve heard that name before. I think he lives under a rock somewhere in my mom’s garden.

7hours ago

found your blog, now read it daily. Keep it up
Thank you I’m glad ur enjoying my blog. As far as keeping it up, it usually is up. Yup it’s UP right now.

12 hours ago

like brazilian young boys?
hmmmm not to be rude, but do you like the feel of cold steel handcuffs?

14 hours ago

I assume you must be a rocket scientist?
1 day ago

Its very easy to diss the Isps, but they have their realites as a business operation. Btw, formspring is no good for commenting. Wtf are you guys doing to your blog? – Wayne 😦
And so you agree to pay your ISP for different levels of service instead of one flat fee? Hmmmm I have ocean front property I’ll sell you in the middle of Oklahoma.

2 days ago

do you ever feel stupid about thing you do. i thot it was ok to tell about my stupid day yesterday but now im afraid you think i’m stupid for writing it. im afraid you wont like me no more bg
No actually I’m the one who’s feeling stupid because I have no idea what you’re saying! lol

2 days ago

You have lost the plot if you think jesus christ or god can help its all a phallacy to convince us we are all sinners. and i am catholic too
And so you’re not a sinner? And therefore there was no need for Jesus to die for you?

3 days ago

Hi Andy, Thanks for bring this up, I use comcast but i hait the bill, it is not fair, i try and use my blackberry but the typeing is harder to wright out notes, so really whay can we do, they have us by are balls. from Dean.

Dean, I love reading your comments and messages. You’re such a sweet and loving person! ❤

3 days ago

Andy, Since you’ve written about pornography I thought you might be interested in this article I found on google news about teenagers orientation,male and female and porn and guys.
Hey thanks for the link. I read it. I guess guys are wired for sex or something like that.

3 days ago

ever see omar’s page? yours is much much much better.
Thank you. That’s sweet of you to say that.

3 days ago

i’d go to comments but it looks like that’s just for old guys
WTF is that supposed to mean?

4 days ago

did you see the calves on that guy in the red spedo? omg gotta get ta joggin a lot, lot more. bg

That’s one of my favorite pics 🙂 I’m glad you like it too.

4 days ago

And now can somebody please tell me what the following messages say, or what purpose they serve besides wasting time in my life? No offense intended, but this stuff along with spam is what clogs up the internet

decided to walk to lake hungry. took a wrong turn. had to double back two blocks. too cold by lake. headed home went bike rout i take for traffic
1 day ago

was about to eat and phone rang had to go outside to find a something for somebody. mac and cheese cold decided to go back to bed. big mess still on floor that I’m supposed to look thru. do you do stupid things?
4 days ago

got home turned door knob LOCKED!!! no key. so I forgot my cell phone and key. had to go all the way back to the deck for chair to find key got in relieved no missed calls. tried to write you. error on your end, it said. made mac and cheese
4 days ago

stopped at taco bell tio manuel gives free drink. he wasn’t there. tio sometimes gives me free food. and if i order on thing he gives me two. if I order 1 he doesnt take my $
4 days ago

went to home depot. spotted computer that said to plan deck. moved mouse a guy yelled get away from kid left but saw emma a nice lady i know from shopping w/pa said i needed a hug. told her havin a bad day
4 days ago

4 blocks longer walkin went to walgreens. all easter candy 74 pcent off. 20 burning hole in pocket but still couldn’t justify usig it
4 days ago

Ok that was fun to read now wasn’t it? I have no idea what I just read or why I read it.



  1. Hi All i thought was they ate the teacherr, not learning from the teacher, it was sooo funny i did:nt learn any thing, but thanks for the laogh, hugs dean

    Comment by wetcool1 — April 13, 2010 @ 12:39 am | Reply

  2. Andy, you answer the questions very well, but you'd think that if a person was going to take the trouble to ask a question, that the question would make some sense! Where do they come from? Oh yeah, about Rike; it is called unrequited love; Unrequited love is a term that is used when one person has strong feelings towards another that are not reciprocated. If it gets to the point where you are consistently being used instead of being appreciated it may be time to re-think that relationship. I like Rike too; he is very sweet in some ways and I wish he would realize how he is taking you for granted. I think you notice some other hot guys around; why not be a little bolder and use your wit and charm to your advantage? If anyone deserves love, it is you. bfn – Wayne 🙂

    Comment by wayner — April 13, 2010 @ 1:00 am | Reply

  3. With those that made no sense: maybe alcohol was involved

    Comment by don — April 13, 2010 @ 5:03 pm | Reply

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