Gay Andy

April 6, 2010

Andy answers your questions

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Love the Rike-in-underwear shot! It’s not what you usually post, but it’s a welcome change of pace. You seem more at peace today, and that makes me happy for you. Mike
You might not believe me but I didn’t notice the underwear pic. Glenn left a comment that my pics go from fully clothed, to shirtless, to boxers. I honestly never paid any attention to that. I never noticed it until Glenn mentioned it. I supposed I’d better take the pic down before a puritian freaks out.

50 minutes ago

Umm hey im 17 and currently becoming more attracted to men even though i still fancy females. I was wondering if this happend to you or people you knew before you realized you were gay. Im really confused D: – Charlie
Probably a better person to answer this question would be Rike. He’s still a skirt n’ pants guy. As for me I’m attracted to females, but purely for their looks. I find the female body to be beautiful to look at. But with me it’s look and never touch.

1 hour ago

now i’m really confused. read the last stuff. then again and again. . what’s goin on. last time you were sayin one thing and now seems like everythins changed. don’t get it. do love him or no? do you rite stuff like that if you love somebody bg
If you’re confused about my on/off love for Rike, just think how I feel. LOL It’s really hard to stay mad @ Rike. He’s just one of those types of guys you can’t stay mad at.

don’t have a clue what’s goin on. i skip back and still don’t understand. that happen to you?
Ummm I don’t understand your question. What happened to me??

2 hours ago

I hate being alone in the pm. i’m glad i have ingternet. i glad i can talk to you. i got a prob. i’m watchin the sopranos. it’s just like godfather. all gangsgters. do you understgand every thing that goes on in movies? I sit here wandering wtf?
I never watched the sopranos. You ask if I understand everything that goes on in movies? What’s there to understand? It’s all make believe anyway, from the warped minds of Hollyweirders.

2 hours ago

Hey I need a bf txt me if interested (2xx-8xx-0xxx)
I deleted your number. You might wanna try Craigslist if you’re looking for a bf. I already have enough guys in my life. But thanks anyway.

4 hours ago

hey whats JJ been up to lately? does he still have his christian video music blog?
Sometimes I get questions that I don’t understand. This is one of those questions.

4 hours ago

what do you think bouyt alll those old guys raining on your parade? I’m very, very, happy for you. envy you alot rike too.
Is this sort of like the show called “It’s raining men?” lol

5 hours ago

Rike i looked at that picture of you on your bed it reminded me of my gramma. She had a blanket like yours I wish I still had her with me. could you do me a favor give your grams a grate big hug and kiss for me and maybe say you love her?
I’ll show Rike your message. He *hearts* his granny and I’m sure he will give her tight hug from you to her.
6 hours ago

Andy an rike Another rainy day think i’ll go insane. been meaning to for a long time. just put my declan galbraith cd on that always cheers me up i fantasize I’m him and singing for 1000’s of people. ROFL! (“think i’ll go insane, been meaning to for a long time”) welcome to my world dc! lol you know what? I sometimes do the same thing. I’ll listen to a song I like and pretend it’s me singing it in front of my friends.
4 minutes ago

hey I just posted a comment didn’t see this last post b4 I sent it everything I said in the comment you have basically have the answers,so you can ignore it Dre.
I read your comments. Thanks for your wisdom and wise advice. πŸ™‚

33 minutes ago

hey is their no archives to ur blog. i just found it and dont see any posts other than the 1st page
I deleted the whole blog a few days ago. It was starting to get weird emails from low life’s and so I deleted it and started over again. Plus the blog was getting waaaaay to big for me. It had over 300 posts, and who has the time to read 300 posts with a zillion pages? And so I started it over again. Thanks for your message πŸ™‚

7 hours ago

just got back from the mall. dh and I are Rike and Andy’s. His family is rich, mine poor. he has a credit card that he can charge up to $20 on. We really chowed down. Had some left for the arcade. We had fun and right now that’s whats important.

hey dc i’m happy you had fun @ the mall, and you’re right on when you say fun is what’s important for right now. When we go to the mall I always have a cheeseburger, fries and coke on ice. Nothing beats it. I haven’t been to an arcade in a long time. I usually play vid games @ Mark’s house on his XBOX. He’s got every game ever invented. Halo roxs. πŸ™‚

11 hours ago

what about your dirt bike? did you get it? having a ball with it? I love mine. dc
14 hours ago
Sup dc? I don’t have enough money to buy a dirt bike. A friend lets me ride his. I *heart* it πŸ™‚
thot id say hi my best buddy and I going to the mall cuz its s miserable day. say hi to rike and the guys dc
Yesterday sucked rainy and cold. Today is warm a sunny. Have fun @ the mall.
14 hours ago

Since you chnaged your format I get an error code that says the script running is causing a failure. Anyone else report this, or is just me? Anyway, can’t follow you anymore, just an FYI
I’m sorry you’re having problems viewing my blog. I found out that the new blogger templates won’t work for ppl using IE6. I changed the template back to blogger basic.

15 hours ago

Andy there’s something on your page that locks up my computer until I get a message about adobe flash player. any ideas? Love you blog.
Sorry about the problem you are having with my blog. I discovered that IE6 users can’t see the new blogger templates. I changed my blog back to blogger basic. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

15 hours ago


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