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April 4, 2010

Thanks for your messages :)

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Anyhow back to what I was saying before thinking about Rike and Lance rudely interrupted my thoughts, here’s a few samples of the many messages I’m receiving from you guys. Luv u Guys~

God bless you, Andy! Greetings from Estonia!
Thanks for your nice message! God bless you too 🙂

2 minutes ago

thank for shirtless….And more after?
Ummm what shirtless?

5 minutes ago

Rikke, what are your feelings for Andy and why haven’t you considered him as a long term boyfriend?
Ummm Rike answers another question almost the same as yours on the bottom of this post. Thanks for asking. 🙂

5 minutes ago

did you mean hours?maybe you should explain that in your blog? Out of 167k readers, I’m sure somebody else caught that.
Lance was gone for 3 or 4 days but Rike wasn’t with me all those days that Lance was gone.
4 hours ago

First of all, I love you and I adore your blog. But something’s wrong. Yesterday you were a lonely boy and today you say you had 3 or 4 days with Rike WTF??? did you mean hours?
Lance was gone for a couple of days but Rike wasn’t with me very much during the days that Lance was away.

4 hours ago

I was afraid you’d start losing followers since you stopped the sexy pix stuff. But your life, it’s like watching Jerry Springer. LOL how many followers does he have? you’ll hit a mil for sure.
Hey thanks for your message! Sometimes i think my life makes Jerry Springer look like a day with Snow White @ Disneyland. lol
5 hours ago

You’re unbelievable, Andy dude. God, I wish I could do the things you do with a computer. And how do you find the songs to go with your moods. You’re one cool dude.
**andy blushes bright red** awwww gee thanks dude 🙂

5 hours ago

Want to hear something really crazy? I lost something and all of sudden I thought I’ll just call my cell phone. You no, like you call when you lose it? I didn’t even finish the thought when I realized how stupid that was. thinking about you

did I just waste 10 seconds of my life reading whatever it was you just mumbled about?? lol

can you go more than a few minutes without thinking about Rike? Have you lost your appetite? Do you just want to lie around and do nothing? does every little thing bother you? If so, you’re in love And that’s great and it’ll only get better

My love for Rike is quickly fading into the darkness 😦

Andrew: I referred to you as a kid in my last comment. My oldest son will be 42 in december. He’s still my kid. And would you believe it? I’m a grandpa and some of the men in my senior club call me the kid. go figure.
I live with my grandma, If you’re available, I’m looking for a good grandpa. 🙂

thank Andy for your blog, can you put your photo shirtless?
I posted my shirtless a few months ago. I guess you musta missed it. Soy muy guapo 🙂

the Church, media & crimes by Priests, the person who controls what you think and “where you think what” SHOULD only be yourself. Empower yourself – give yourself permission to ‘put aside’ thinking about the crimes of SOME Priests. U have free will!
that’s liking saying i can put toothpaste back inside a tube. Once it’s out it’s very hard to get it back in.
Likewise once the thoughts are in my head of what some priests have done to kids, it’s very hard for me to get the thoughts out of my head.

I was wrong about some of the things I wrote. I’m sorry
I forgive you . . . . but what was it you said? 😛

please don’t stop blogging. You’re the first person I read every morning. You bring me hope.
Thank you for your message. Very thoughtful and sweet words. However, your hope should be with Jesus Christ, and not with me. I’m a sinner. I always have been, and I always will be as long as I’m in my flesh.

rike wants you to be of the no more …?
Could you please translate whatever you said into simple english please? lol

just kidding, I love your blog
and I love you for *hearting* my blog! 🙂

what can you do about the bright red screen that I get before your blog starts. I always panic thinking I have some dreaded spy ware, mal ware, virus and my computer is about to start smoking, setting off the smoke detectors.
This sounds like the story of my life! My daily life is infected with spy ware, mal ware, viruses, and smoke all the above caused by Jamie, Rike and Lance! XD Naaaaw but seriously I made some changes to my blog I hope it helps to take the worry out of life.

Pls talk to me! I need your dying help, pls keep it between us. add me in this e-mail xxxxxxx (for privacy email addy deleted by andy)
Please contact me using the contact form on the top of each page. If you need help please contact me and let’s work it out together.

11 hours ago

Is it possible to have polls? I’d like to see one that asks who would like to see a picture of the vulture who asked for a picture of you with your shirt off with his head cut off?
LOL that’s funny 🙂


I just googled gay andy blog and your came up the first two
WOW let’s party like it’s 1999 or whatever that song is called. Thanks for the 411. I’m happy to hear that my blog is high in the google search engine rankings.


Really enjoy your blog. You’re all very cute and I hope everything works out for you – and it will because you’re genuine.

that’s very sweet of you to say those nice things about me and my friends.
Now how much do I owe you? lol


I’d like you to comment on how you feel when somebody says they want to see you without a shirt. I don’t know, it turns me off. Unless it’s some tall, dark, handsome hunk. But I seriously doubt it.
ummmm are you saying i’m some sort of white, skinny looking freak?? LOL


You won’t believe it! I just used an automatic checkout and when I paid, the machine said, thank you for shopping at home depot. Now scram. I took two steps before what I heard registered. I looked around and some pimple-faced geek was laughing at me.
And you won’t believe this, I just read what you said and I have no effin’ idea what ur saying. But that’s ok, cos you don’t know what ur saying either! Pot does strange things to the head, huh bro?? lol


I didn’t know you published these little gems. Feel a little embarassed. LOL I have to write them in pieces because you don’t get much space. Like now.
hummmm thank you, i guess 🙂


Rikke, what are your feelings for Andy and why haven’t you considered him as a long term boyfriend?
Hey Rike get your booty over here and answer this guys question. Just a second Rike’s trying to think of an answer. Well actually it might take more than a second for him to come up with answer. Check back again in 2 days. j/k Here’s Rike

Why haven’t I considered andy to be my b/f? It’s becuse andy and me aren’t boyfriends. We’re much more than just boyfriends. Were bff and it’s lasted a long time. Wereas boyfirnds might last a week or month or mabe a year before they break up. Andy is my bff. And i love him as my bff.


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  1. Sounds like you are getting lots of support and I don't think you have too many sins to be forgiven lol. Why do you think you're not sweet looking? I've been amazed at some of the handsome and interesting looking guys I have met who didn't think they were good looking. Really, guys with the 'model' good looks actually turn me off; I like character in a guy's face (and a slim muscular body). bfn – Wayne (I bet your dad loves you a lot more than you think)

    Comment by wayner — April 4, 2010 @ 9:38 pm | Reply

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