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April 3, 2010

Catholic? Yes I Am

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I feel sad for what is happening to my church. I don’t know if it’s really necessary for the news media to keep hammering away at the Catholic Church for abuses that happened way before I was born. Almost every day I see or hear something in the news about stuff that preists did to kids a long time ago. It was wrong back then to do stuff to kids, and it’s still wrong today. But I feel like the news people are trying to destroy my church and my faith to. It’s sad but now when I go to church I look at the priest and I wonder in my head if he’s doing stuff that he shouldn’t be doing. I don’t like thinking those thoughts while im in church. Do you see what the news people have done to me? They’ve put these thoghts into my head and now there stuck in my brain and when I go to church i think about the bad stuff that some church people did way back a long time ago. When I go to church I want to think about God. I don’t want to think about sex that the news people always talk about when they talk about my catholic faith. And yes I do this Pray the Rosary i don’t do it all the time but sometimes when i’m bored or lonely. This websie Pray The rosary helps me to pray the rosary. I get all mixed up and confused when i try to pray it without help. And dont think i’m a wimp or a sissy boy for praying because i’m not! But my faith is strong and my love for God is importnat to me in my life. I used to have a silver rosary that my friend gave to me before him and his wife moved to another city. But Jamie stole it from my grandmas house and sold it to buy drugs with. Now I don’t have a rosary anymore.

The thing that seems weird to me is where people keep saying they see the Virgin Mary. Today I saw on the news where a woman from somewhere says Mary appeared on her door. And now her house is full of candles and stuff that people are putting in front of the door where Mary is supposed to be at. I looked at the door and I don’t see Mary. And near my house is a big rock and supposedly marry appeared on the rock and now there’s candles and flowers and stuff in front of the rock. Why would Mary appear on a rock? That’s dumb. Marys in heaven not on rock or on a door. Well those are my thoughts, what are your thoughts?

Your friend,

Cam Chat



  1. Well, frankly I dont see how people talking about your church should do anything about your beliefs, have in mind that catholicism and the catholic church are two ENTIRELY different things. Your religion isnt the same as the institution, so it shouldnt really matter. As for thinking of the priest like that, well, it's like when you hear a rumor. And just becuase a few priests did it doesnt mean ALL priests do it, and its how they say "innocent til proven guildty" (or something along those lines). As for the virgin mary I think you mean fanatism, it's people that believe in stuff a bit too much, but hey, if they believe the virgin is there, and it helps them pray and remind them theres a virgin, then good, it doesn't affect anyone negatively, it's your choice to believe it or not. And praying the rosary can be soothing and if it makes you feel better then theres no reason why not to, not even if people tell you otherwise, it doesnt make you a wimp or a sissy boy, it only makes you NOT a hipocrite that says you believe in something when you just follow the crowd.hope it helped :]

    Comment by Eye — April 3, 2010 @ 6:29 am | Reply

  2. Hi Rike, OOO good you fallow the good book, I too have a hard time beliveing people seeing christ or marry in or on different things, i go to Episable church, the church helps me thru my days, Happy Easter. Hugs Dean

    Comment by Anonymous — April 3, 2010 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

  3. Hi Rike (hope you and Andy are over your tiff!) Here is my opinion on the church sex abuse scandal. Up until the last few decades, homosexuals were greatly persecuted. And many gay closeted teen guys found the priesthood attractive as a way to escape their sexuality and have respect. A large proportion of priests are probably homosexual. The Catholic church's view is you can be homosexual as long as you don't act on it. (tell that to a testosterone crazed young guy!) A view of course I don't agree with because it is based on a perspective from thousands of years ago. Some of these homosexual priests then are not allowed to develope and grow as homosexuals and could not control their sexual urges around all these handsome young guys presented to them like a smorgasbord. The feminist controlled media would have you believe that all these 'victims' were brutally raped and sodomized and 'abused' when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of complainants were past puberty when the sexual activity happened. The priests violated their position of trust and authority when they seduced and persuaded the young people in their charge and had age inappropriate sexual contact. You are a guy and you know damn well that it is extremely difficult to force a male to have sex against his will, even young males. If that did happen, the kid would certainly tell his parents and the police. The legal view of consensual underage sex is 'abuse' or 'sexual assault' and that is always what is reported in the media and that is why the public thinks that all these cases are rape. The public does not want to acknowlege that this sexual activity does occur consensually. Men are convicted in court on 'credibility' and little else; remember someday you will be over the legal age and the witch-hunt finger could be pointed at you so you must be careful not to put yourself in a situation where this could happen. That is why men today often remain cold and distant around children because of this fear. How did all this happen? In the 1980's huge changes were made in the laws in Canada and the US to make it easier to convict men of sex offences, literally no proof is required; all a result of political pandering to feminism (females are 50% of voters!). The Catholic priests were wide open to these accusations because it is an easy cash payout to the so-called 'victims'. I am Protestant, but I feel sorry for all those kind and selfless priests out there who are smeared by this insane hysteria. So always be inquisitive and when you hear something in the media, always ask yourself ' what is the other side of this story that is not being reported?' – Stick to the good core values of religion; don't get wrapped up with the lunatic fringe who see visions everywhere lol. Beware people who use religion for their own power. So Rike, it is good to be inquisitive and thoughtful about these things, but always think for yourself and question other people's motives. bfn – Wayne

    Comment by wayner — April 3, 2010 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

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