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April 18, 2010

Now I Know What It Feels Like To Be Outted!

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Some really strange things has happened in the past 24 hours most of which I don’t have an explanation as to why this strange stuff is happening. But after carefully thinking about what’s happening I’ve decided to do one of two things.
Choice number one. Shut down my gay Andy blog. (no Angel it’s not because of you. lol)
Choice number two. Move my blog to another more friendly blog host. Blogger has bizarre and strange random ways of deleting blogs. (see attached pic from blogger)

I haven’t decided for sure what I’m going to do yet.
But I am going to make a decision very soon.


David Andrew Delacruz


A Dark Day In My Life

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A lady friend told me today that Panda was found dead.
They buried her for me so I wouldn’t have to see her.
I’m sad. I really am sad. I loved Panda and she loved me.

I might give my blog to Rike

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Hi guys I’ve got a lot to talk about and so I hope you have a few minutes to spend some time with me. Rike’s here. He’s been coming to my house a lot more often since him and Lance spilt up. Well I’m not sure if spilt up is the right word. I think Lance still wants Rike, but I think Rike is getting tired of Lance. Lance puts a lot of pressure on Rike for sex. Lance is a bottom and Rike is a def top and Rike told me a gross story about when him and Lance were having sex and he finished doing whatever it was he was doing with Lance. I’m not going to say what Rike and Lance were doing but OMG that’s so disgusting! I told Rike a butt is a one way street. It isn’t designed for 2 way traffic. lol

Well anyhow Rike’s here with me and he’s been hanging around me a lot more lately compared to when he was fascinated with Lance. Rike told me that a few days in school Lance ignored him the whole day. Lance wouldn’t talk to Rike at all. I told Rike that Lance is trying to make you jealous. He wants you to see him talking to other guys. I’m not sure what the purpose of ignoring Rike is all about. But whatever Lance’s motives are, they’re not working. Yeah Rike was upset with Lance on the day Lance was ignoring Rike. But Rike’s over that. And he might even be over Lance too. I’m not sure what’s going on but I think Rike has found a new girl that he’s interested in. He showed me her pic and she’s really cute! For a long time I couldn’t figure out if Rike is bi, straight or gay. I don’t think Rike was sure what he is either. Until recently when he told me that he thinks he’s bi. Rike is the only bi guy that i know. All my other friends are either straight or bent. And since Rike’s a top, I’d probably say he’s leaning more towards being straight than gay. But I dunno because I’ve watched Rike and Lance kissing and Rike seems to like it when Lance kisses him.

Right now I’m checking my desktop computer for viruses. Rike loves using Ares and I’ve heard that Ares is a paradise for viruses. I’ve only found one virus. I use Limewire or Frostwire. I used to download a lot of music. But not anymore. The greedy bastards in the music industry have ruined my enjoyment of downloading music. I hardly download anymore. I read yesterday that the music industry is putting pressure on the ISP’s to begin filtering music downloads. In other words say you’re trying to down load Lady GaGa, the ISP would block it. Another freedom gone. Pretty soon America will be just like China or Iran and the government will pick and choose what you can or cannot see or hear on your computer. The music industry will pay off the corrupt congressmen to pass laws forcing internet ISP censorship banning and blocking music and movies downloads. But for every block that the music industry tries to come up with to prevent music from being downloaded, somebody will invent a way to get around the blocking. I saw where someone said the music industry is still living back in the days when music was sold on plastic disks or whatever they were made of. The music industry refuses to acknowledge that we’re living in the digital age. Another example of how greedy the music industry really is. I read that Sheryl Crow (who really cares about Sheryl Crow? Not me that’s fo sho!) Anyhow she went before the corrupt U.S. congress demanding that they pass a law that says she gets paid for every time her songs are played on the radio. Is that the pinicle of greediness or what? If I were a radio station owner I’d burn every Sheryl Crow CDs and throw them into the trash grinder! Does anyone really listen to Sheryl Crow? Not me!

OMG i just re-read my post and I’m sounding bitchy today huh? I think I’m feeling down because one of my favorite dogs is missing. A neighbor said that my dog is dead. But I don’t think so. I’m praying that I will find my doggy and that she will be ok. I’ve got a pimple on my forehead and on my cheek. *i’m so ugly* I keep trying to pop them but they keep coming back for more. What’s up with that?

I’ve been invited to watch Mike’s soccer game today. He likes it when I come to watch him play soccer. Mikes’ a nice guy, he really is. He’s straight but me and him are good friends.

I got some really weird text messages on my cell phone. Mike thinks they are from one of his g/f’s who wants him to “f” her. Why is she texting me with these weird messages? Mike shrugged his shoulders and said he doesn’t know. We’re not even sure if it’s her or somebody else messing around with me. I’m not sure what Rike wants to do today. He’s waiting for me to finish scanning my desktop computer for viruses and then he wants to get online and chat. I bet he chats with Lance. I’m not sure what’s going on with them. It looks to me like Rike is stepping back or maybe even getting out of his relationship with Lance. ** tears of joy running down my face** He used to spend all of his time with Lance, but not anymore. Now he’s hanging around with me again. It’s a nice feeling seeing more of him again.



April 17, 2010

A view of the lake and the river near my house

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If you’ve been following my blog you already know about the lake and river that’s near my house.
If you’re new to my blog I have a lake and a river that’s near my house. 🙂
When the weather gets warmer me and my friends go swimming in the river and lake. I’ll take pics and show you.

April 16, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday HMG~

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I’m at lunch break during school. I got online to browse thru some of the blogs in my cool teenagers blog list. And I noticed that today is HMG’s 16th birthday. He’s a football player and still in the closet. If you’d like to drop by and say hi to HMG and wish him a Happy 16th Birthday. Here’s His Blog CLICK HERE

Can Anybody Guess Who This Hottie Is?Here’s a hint. He stars on the Disney Channel

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Ask Andy and he might answer your question . . . or maybe not :)

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were r u from?
My mom.
About 16 years ago my mom and dad did something really gross and 9 months later out popped gay Andy!

2 hours ago

hope you or your followers can help me out. I’ve googled std symptoms and can’t find mine. I have a caugh that just won’t go away. can you catch something from swallowing?
Can anybody help this guy? I’m not an expert on swallowing. I tried it one time and trust me it don’t taste like vanilla yogurt like he said it does.

3 hours ago

have u ever had an encounter on craigslist? o know some one who has? wat is ur veiw on it?
I’ve browsed through Craiglist b4. I’ve never contacted anybody because I live too far away from everybody in CL. IMHO i prefer meeting ppl in real life. I’m not so much n2 meeting ppl online.

12 hours ago

I love your blog, I can’t say the same about your desk


Mike The Straight Guy

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Mike the straight guy came to see me today. Mike has 2 girl friends. He sort of rotates between the two of them.
Hmmmm tonight is Thursday and so he’ll be with “N” tonight. Last night he was with “M” and he told me that he thinks “M” wants him to eff her. Well to begin with I’m the last person someone should talk to about effing a girlfriend. If it has a hole instead of a pole, I’m not interested. But since Mike wanted to talk to me about his girlfriend “M” I listened to what he wanted to say. Here’s what’s going down. Mike said “M” used to hug him from the back. In other words she’d stand behind Mike and put her arms around him and hug him while she stood in back of him. Well that’s all changed now. She’s moved around to the front of Mike and she’s putting her butt in his crotch and rotating her butt on his crotch. Well you can imagine what’s happening to Mike while she’s busy rotating tightly against his boy zone. It’s driving him wild! And he told me he wants to “f” her and that she’s a virgin and she wants him really bad. He’s been seeing this girl for over a year, and their relationship has moved up from kissing to dry effing. Mike’s already on 3rd base and he’s more than willing to steal home! I tried to cool the flames of passion off from Mike by saying that sex is a powerful thing. It can destroy friendships. Mike shot back at me by saying “Andy why do you always think negative??!!” “Maybe she’ll like me doing her and she’ll want me even more after our first “f”. I guess I’m probably thinking about this from a gay prospective, but most gays that I’ve heard about only do one nighters and then move on to their next trophy. Mike feels that once he does her, she’ll come back to him begging for more. OMG if I could only be so lucky! lol

Meet the newest "kid" on my block :)

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If you’ve been following my blog you know I live in an area that has horses, mountains, lakes and a river.
I’d like to introduce the newest guy on the block. His name is “apple jack” – sort of a cool name don’t you think?

April 15, 2010

Damion has a brand new blog. He’s 16 and I’m sure he would like to have comments and followers.

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Damion isn’t his real name. But it’s more of someone who he sees himself as being. Ok whatever.
His blog is brand new! It still has the brand new smell to it. Sort of like a sweaty underarm . . . . lol
He’s looking for suggestions and ideas on what you’d like to see in his blog.
Hey Damion I added your blog to my cool teenage boys blog list in the side menu. (look for Confessions)

Here’s how Damion introduces himself to you . . . .

To be honest, I started this blog to write down how I felt, say things that go unheard, and express the side of me that I’m afraid to know (possibly being gay or bi). If you read this than I like you already and I will try to write as much interesting things as possible. Thanks for listening <3.

Enter Damion’s new blog. CLICK HERE

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